Galaxy Express

Growth. Expansion. Flexibility.

Flexible expansion chassisgalaxy exp card

Galaxy Express is built around adaptability and flexibility for your branch office locations. As your offices grow the need for easy expansion that doesn’t interrupt your business is important. Galaxy Express is designed for just this purpose.

Galaxy Express is a dual slot expansion module that allows for the expansion and addition of Digital Stations, Analog Stations, and PRI trunking.


galaxy exp card

Available card options

Galaxy DSM16 Digital Line Card – 16 digital phones

Galaxy FXS16 Analog Line Card – 16 analog devices

Galaxy PRI – 1 Single Span PRI Card – 1 PRI circuit

DSM 16  FXS16  PRI-1


Typical Configurations

Examples of common Galaxy Express configuration adapted to fit customer needs


Digital Telephone Configuration

If you are a customer using legacy digital telephones you can protect your investment by utilizing Galaxy Express as the module for connecting your digital telephones. Your digital telephones can be local with your Galaxy Mini or at a remote location via the internet or your WAN.

Analog Device Configuration

Connecting your analog devices such as POTS telephones and FAX machines is easy. With FXS cards installed in Galaxy Express each module supports 8 or 16 analog devices.

Analog devices can be local with your Galaxy Mini or at a remote location via the internet or your WAN

PRI Configuration

If your office uses PRI circuits for DID numbers you can add them to your Galaxy Mini by installing a up to two single span PRI cards for a maximum of two PRI circuits per module.

Supported Telephony Devices

E-MetroTel XSTIM Phones, Infinity 5006, Infinity 5010, InfinityONE softphone

Nortel 1100, 1200 & 2000 series IP telephones, i2050 softphone

Nortel T/M series digital telephones

Nortel M3900, M2000 series digital telephones

Analog telephones

Network Interface
– 2x 100/10M RJ45

Length 7 15/16 in (202 mm)

Width: 5 7/8 in (149 mm)

Height: 1 3/4 in (44 mm)

System Cooling
Internal Fan

120-240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz external power supply

12V power input