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Are you tired of complexity and never ending requirements? Selling E-MetroTel solutions is as easy as 1-2-3.

We offer amazing solutions for your business customers.

Our platform is EASY to use, EASY to manage, and EASY to install. To get started working with us is simple – you can be generating MONEY for your company with the UCx platform in a matter of days.

  1. Sign up with UCx Direct. We will confirm your support and discount structure, set you up with portal access for creating quotes, downloading documentation and brochures…and everything that you will need to get started!
  2. Get the demo Stater Bundle and get trained. You only need one technical person trained and certified to be an an authorized UCx dealer. But don’t worry, the training is online and free! Purchase a demo starter bundle from UCx Direct which includes a demo system loaded with all of the UCx features, applications, and access to certification testing for one person.
  3. Start making MONEY! We will send you the E-MetroTel authorized dealer logo for your marketing materials AND we will place you on E-MetroTel’s Partner Locator page on their website for lead sharing. Congratulations – you are now part of the growing community with the full support of UCx Direct and E-MetroTel.


No contracts, No volume requirements. We are looking for smart, serious, established telcom resellers who are interested in getting in the game selling an incredible product.

We provide the discounting and the support. Our team has decades of experience providing engineering and sales support for resellers around the U.S. We can get you going and keep you rolling at top speed.

You provide a sales force and the techs. Your team of sales reps, engineers, and techs simply need the desire to sell and service unified solutions and make your customers happy.

Authorized UCx direct resellers start with a great discount below MSRP and then earn additional points by doing a few simple, practical things.
Interested? Use the contact form on the right and let’s talk.


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