WebRTC stands for “Web Real-Time Communications,” a technology focused on embedding real-time communications, such as voice, directly within web browsers. The new UCX WebRTC client allows users to enable real-time communications from a web browser directly with from their UCX system. System administrators will enable an additional WebRTC device in their end users User Control Panel, thereby allowing end users to make and take calls directly from a supported web browser. Anytime a user’s regular extension rings, the WebRTC Softphone will also ring, allowing them to take calls directly from a brows

Manage anything, anywhere.

The comprehensive E-MetroTel browser based management system is included with every platform.

For engineers and installers the tool allows for pre-configuration and complete remote or on-site management of all of your UCx systems.

Customer managers can manage their telecom expenses and system users through CDR reports, Contact Center reports* and easy to use management tools. Users can manage their set forwarding features, call recordings and more with the system.

The tool is amazingly simple to use and will easily support all of your configuration and management requirements.

*Contact Center agents are included with every UCx system. Contact Center Reporting is an additional add-on package.

UCx Call Center solution is a SIP-based application that is flexible and scalable. With support for over a hundred agents, UCx Call Center has the flexibility to support multi-site or remote agents, static and dynamic agents. Engage your customers with richer services using SIP-based clients, Nortel heritage phones or other vendor phone.

With a suite of the most powerful hospitality management features available combined with the ability to integrate with the most popular Property Management Systems, the E-MetroTel UCx platform puts total guest management under your control. And when you combine our hospitality application with the hundreds of native UCx features and applications you have a complete hospitality and business solution for both your guests and staff.

The E-MetroTel solution not only supports analog, digital, and SIP devices, but also an amazing browser-based WebRTC client. This means that your guests and staff can access our powerful hospitality and telephony features from their own laptop, tablet, or mobile device. And there is no software to download, just a simple log in and they are connected.

We also work with VTech to provide tested and certified hospitality telephones.



  • Integrate with multiple 3rd party hospitality management systems.
  • Save network costs with SIP phones and VoIP SIP phone lines.
  • Supports a variety of 3rd party SIP telephones.
  • Reuse your current wiring infrastructure to support analog phones.
  • Use our WebRTC client to enable mobile users with laptops and Android tablets.
  • 911 on site notification – Direct emergency personal to guest rooms.
  • Access to 100+ UCx features and applications on a single server.
  • Virtualization – Use a single server for all of your hospitality applications including telephony.
  • If you are currently using Nortel equipment you can reuse your Nortel phones, line cards and cabinets.
  • Supports call center queues, auto attendant, and other powerful applications.
  • All functionality under one extension license.

The E-MetroTel UCx Call Accounting and Billing application is standard with every UCx appliance platform. The ability to drill-down and pinpoint specific charges by location, department or extension helps Enterprises quickly and more effectively manage their business communication costs.

UCx Call Accounting and Billing metrics are available for all communications including conferencing, messaging, contact center, mobile calling, trunk usage and more. You can also download call records and create detailed and graphical reports that help improve business operations, network performance and employee productivity.

UCx standard Call Accounting and Billing includes:

  • CDR (Call Detail Recording)
  • Channels Usage Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Log Report
  • Summary by Extension Reports
  • Graphic Reports
  • Missed Calls Report and more

The UCx TAPI Service Provider application is a driver that enables the Microsoft TAPI to communicate with the UCx communication server. Once installed on a Microsoft Windows PC, a user can initiate outbound calls and hang up calls using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dialer or any TAPI compatible application. The optional UCx TAPI application also supports receiving inbound calls with basic caller information on incoming calls so that some TAPI aware applications can use this information to do screen-popup, displaying caller information on the screen.

The Microsoft Outlook does not have any built-in support for screen-popping and this functionality can be achieved with Windows programs such as IdentaPop Pro TAPI Outlook Screen Pops or Resource Software International Limited Visual Rapport desktop software. The TAPI Call Monitor can also be used for handling call controls on the incoming call scenario. The TAPI Call Monitor displays the incoming calls and upon selecting the call, the call control buttons gets enabled (e.g. Answer, Hold, Drop etc.).

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Make Outgoing calls, from Microsoft Outlook or any other TAPI aware applications.
  • Receive incoming calls with call controls enabled (Answer, Hold, On hold, Hang-up)
  • Ability to monitor call states (Connected, On Hold)
  • Receive basic caller information on incoming calls so TAPI aware applications can do screen popup with the caller information.
  • Support for Nortel legacy phones
  • Helps simplify business communications
  • Improve employee accessibility and productivity

Key features and benefits include:

  • UCx is your UC hub for existing legacy phones & Microsoft Lync client
  • Legacy phones: Digital, Analog and IP
  • Integrated Desktop between Lync and legacy phones users
  • Simultaneous ringing and call transfer between clients
  • UCx as an intelligent PSTN gateway for Lync users
  • Available UCx features to Lync users: conferencing, paging, call center routing, call recording, mobility and more
  • Reduce communication costs with least cost routing implementation
  • Increase mobile or remote worker efficiency

By using Microsoft Lync on your desktop or your mobile device, initiating a call is a simple as the click of a mouse. The E-MetroTel UCx makes it happen with seamless SIP integration between traditional PBX telephony platforms and Lync collaboration application.

With the open standards-based SIP architecture of the UCx solution, no longer do you need to replace your telephony investments when looking to take advantage of productivity-enhancing Unified Communications and Collaboration applications. With direct PSTN gateway connectivity provided by the UCx appliance server, unifying communications becomes a simple, cost-effective business proposition. Enterprises can more easily streamline their business operations, optimize their processes and simplify their network environments while reducing their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with the deployment of UCx and Microsoft Lync integration.

Whether it’s a Nortel analog, digital, IP phone on the desktop, SIP client or smartphone or tablet, UCx and Microsoft Lync integration helps deliver an enhanced user experience, anywhere, anytime. Incoming calls are delivered simultaneously to your desktop phone, PC soft client or mobile device, giving you the flexibility to choose the device that is most convenient for you. All of the rich UCx IP-PBX telephony features and functionality are available to you whether you are in the office, on the road or at home. With the integrated applications including Unified Messaging, Find Me Follow Me Mobility, Call Recording, Desktop FAX, Conferencing, Call transfer, paging and more.

Collaborating with colleges, customers and business partners has never been easier, thanks to E-MetroTel UCx and Microsoft Lync integration solution.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Scheduled announcements played locally to designated phones within PBX network or to external destinations
  • Highly flexible with unlimited scheduling of announcements, unlimited announcement messages, and unlimited groups and destinations
  • Fully configurable and remotely manageable from your UCx centralized administrative GUI interface
  • Applicable to Hospitals, Airports, Governments and Agencies, Retail, Manufacturing, Educational centers and more
  • Helps deliver key advertising announcements to multiple retail sales points initiated from a single location

The E-MetroTel UCx Scheduled Announcement application helps you share information, whether it’s a pre-recorded message, musical reminder or other audio notification, anywhere, anytime.

Enterprises, governments, agencies, public and private organizations now have a simple and effective solution for delivering scheduled announcements that can be fully integrated as part of their unified business communications system network. No longer is a separate and cumbersome standalone announcement platform required. Using the latest in SIP technology, E-MetroTel has developed the UCx Scheduled Announcement solution to be as easy as the click of a mouse.

The UCx Scheduled Announcement application is part of the UCx solution family and available with every UCx appliance server. Integrated with the UCx administrator GUI interface, the UCx Scheduled Announcement application menu is easy and intuitive, enabling announcements to be scheduled as often as required.

With the UCx open architecture, scheduled announcements can be delivered anywhere in the network and to every phone type with a speaker phone either analog, digital, IP, SIP and to external paging devices. The announcements are not restricted to within the network but can also be delivered to external phones extensions such as other multi-site locations, remote home offices and mobile devices, making the UCx Scheduled Announcement application very flexible and cost-effective.

Scheduled announcement recordings can be delivered at multiple time intervals every few minutes, few hours, or days in virtually any format. Ideal for Hospitals, Airports, Government service centers, Retail, Manufacturing and Educational centers and more, delivering scheduled announcements has never been easier. For example, school boards can lower their operating costs with a UCx communication solution by leveraging their existing Nortel, Cisco or other vendor phones to play bell tones to indicate class start times, lunch sessions, etc.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Helps improve notification times to large group of individuals
  • Speed up deployment of response teams in case of emergency
  • Improved accuracy in response management of major traumatic events
  • Notification from and to any device
  • Automated priority calling sequence

Introducing the E-MetroTel UCx Notifier!

The E-MetroTel UCx Notifier solution is an optional UCx application that automates group notification to a large group of individuals. UCx Notifier helps improve call-out process efficiency, reduced calling times from hours to minutes while enabling critical resources to focus on emergency response. Fully supported on all E-MetroTel UCx Unified Communication server appliances, UCx Notifier helps save precious time and marshal critical resources when needed most.

Speed of notification delivery is configurable and in many cases can be done in seconds. With a simply click of the UCx Notifier icon from either a PC desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, a voice message is broadcast to everyone in the group. Individuals can be grouped according to various characteristics including skills, roles, locations, etc. Select pre-recorded messages or create a message in real-time.

The UCx Notifier message can be sent to a range of devices including smartphones, home line and office phones. You can prioritize which device gets notified first and you can implement a call sequence so if the first device does not answer, move to second device, and so on. UCx Notifier also provides real time and historical call reporting, delivering valuable progress tracking metrics and response management. The web-based dashboard is configurable to display the desired metrics.

More than ever, Emergency Response is top of mind to all levels of agencies, governments, organizations and their employees and residents. Recent severe weather events not only demonstrates the level of destruction to both public and private infrastructure, but most importantly the significant impact it has on the lives of thousands of people impacted. UCx Notifier can respond to such emergencies in minutes to seconds.

The web-based system lets you send mass notifications via automated phone. Everyone who needs to send quick phone message to a group can use it.

UCx Notifier provides:

  • Easy-to-use Web-based application
  • Single click voice broadcast/notification to targeted groups from Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones
  • Groups are configurable by user profile
  • Real time stats displayed (accepted, declined, NA, …)
  • Configurable settings for speed of notification
  • Voice recordings, pre-recorded greetings or Text to Speech
  • Call Records & History