New Features in Release 6.0

It’s an exciting time for E-MetroTel. Release 6.0 is out, and more and more features keep coming your way. Take a look at a few things that have improved in R6.

Infinity One Chat – Provides an enterprise level messaging solution with presence, and a feature set comparable to other popular commercial offerings. All on your own private server. This allows you to keep your chat conversations secure and private.


Infinity One WebRTC Mobility – Provides mobility and in-office communication. Stay connected with FULL FEATURED telephony from anywhere. Supports all UCX features and applications including Peer to Peer Video, Contact Center and up to 120 programmable buttons.


HARC Redundancy – High Availability Redundant Configuration provides an always available standby server to further increase uptime.

Active & Standby Servers. If the Primary (Active) server is not available or if there is failure at the UCX component software level then the Secondary (Standby) server will take over the call processing.

Active & Standby roles can be changed by the administrator for maintenance purposes.

System configuration is mirrored on both systems utilizing a single IP address for gateways and phones.

Active & Standby UCx servers must be located in the same layer 2 network/subnet.